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Hi, I'm Cat!

A few fun facts about me:

+ I live in North Seattle with my husband (Josh), cats (Harry & Lloyd) and baby boy (Fin)

+ I am from California, but relocated to the Pacific Northwest just before I got married, in 2015

+ I love to travel, hike, sing, and cook

+ I’m a sugar addict and can RARELY say no to dessert

+ I’m almost 6’ tall

+ My favorite shows are Law and Order SVU, Parks and Rec, Gilmore Girls and my guilty pleasure is the Bachelor franchise - call me cliche

+ I love God and all of His creation, especially you. No matter who you are,

How I got into the industry:

I began taking pictures really early on, in high school, with a little point and shoot. Then in college, I studied photojournalism and invested in a DSLR and the rest is history. After college, I pretty much fell into the wedding photography industry. A few friends asked me to shoot their weddings and then when I realized how happy it made me, I hustled to turn my little hobby into a business. 

I love that I am invited into some of the most exciting moments of your life. It's an honor to observe and help you share your story.

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